What Kind of Maintenance Do I Need?

Your vehicle is a vital piece of life that you depend on for so many things. Maintaining it is essential for many reasons, including preventing more costly repairs down the road, providing peace of mind on daily commutes, and extending the life of your automobile. At Tennessee Muffler and Auto Service, we have the expertise and experience to know exactly what and how your vehicle needs to be maintained and can provide the prescriptive care to keep you on the road without issue.

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Oil Changes

Since your engine is made up of many moving parts, they rub together and create friction that leads to heat. The oil absorbs the heat and helps lubricate the engine, which allows the internal parts to work effortlessly without overheating. After this has been going on a while, the oil breaks down and wears out, making it less effective at heat absorption. Changing the oil before it breaks down is vital to prevent major issues with the engine. It is recommended to be changed every 3,000 to 7,000 miles.

Regular Maintenance

In addition to oil changes, air filters need to be replaced to ensure the safety of the air being circulated as well as the replacement of wiper blades to increase the effectiveness of visibility during inclement weather. Many people don't know how important it is to clean a fuel system, but deposits from burning fuel can build up and decrease the fuel injector's performance. If this is not serviced, it can decrease gas mileage and overall vehicle performance.

We will also check your fluid levels, check battery functionality and make sure headlights and taillights are functional and up to road standards. Scheduled maintenance in the Spring and Winter can help reduce issues while driving and ensure all the manufacturer's service recommendations are met.

Reliability You Can Trust

At Tennessee Muffler and Auto Service, we care about you and your vehicle and want to make sure you stay safe on the road for your daily life and all your excursions. Stop by or call us today at 615-678-8443 to schedule your seasonal maintenance.